Ayurvedic treatment for common health issues  
1. Flue,Cold and fever Tribuwan kirti rasa -        2 pills morning and evening with tea of Osmium(tulsi) and Ginger  
2. Cough dry Chandra amrit rasa + Laksmivilas ras 2 pills each mix with  1 tsf honey,followed by VASA AWLEH  
3. Burning in chest,gastritis Sutshekhar ras 2 pills+ Anardana chooran 1 tsf with water  
4. Pain in stomach,with burning sensation,indigestion Mahashank vati 1 tablet with water + Shivakshar pachan chooran  
5. General Body Pains Godanti Bhasam 300 mg+ Mritunjay Ras 2 pills with honey and hot water  
6. Constipation Arogya vardini vati 2 pills thrice with water+ Panchsakar chooran 5 grams  
7. Severe constipation Ashawkanchuki ras* 1 pill with cold water.  
8. Diarhoea with pain abdomen Sanjeevani Vati 2 pills 4 times a day; Hingwastak chooran 3 grams with hot water  
9. Diarhoea Anandbhairav ras 2 pill morning and evening; Hingwastak chooran 3 grms  
10. Piles dry Arshogni vati 2 tds; panchsakar chooran 3 grams with water  
11. Bleeding Piles Chanderkala ras 1 tds; arshkuthar ras 1 pill tds; Sitopladi chooran 4 grams with water  
12. Boils Kotamchukadi chooran for local application ; Gandhak Rasayan 2 gram with water morning and evening  
13. Aneamia Mandoor Bhasam 30 mg with honey tds  
14. Calcium suppliment Kukutandtwak bhasam 250 mg+ Godanti Bhasam 250 mg with honey morning and evening  
15. High Blood Pressure with rapid pulse Akik bhasam 15 mg with honey+ Samvyan tab 1 tds  
16. Diabetes Madhumehnashani gutika 2 pils bd+  Jamun juice 20 ml ( continue allopathic medicine for few days)  
17. White discharge  in ladies Praderantak loh 100mg+ kukutandtwak bhasam 250mg with rice water  
18. Painfull menses Rajparvartini vati** 2 tds a week before menses start  
19. teething in kids Rub tankan bhasam over gums  
20. Fractures healing Lakshadi Guggulu 2 pills+ godanti bhasam 250 mg with milk forr  few months  
21. Burning micturition Chander prabha vati 2 tds+  Habb e Kabid Nausadri 1 tds  
22. Epistaxis Kaharwa pisti 20mg+ chanderkala ras 1 tds+ Ushir Asav 4 tsf with water  
23. Hair loss Trifla chooran 5 gram; Neelibringadi tailum local application  
24 Pimples,Acne Arogyavardhini vati 2 tds; gandhak rasayan 200 mg tds; sandeepnis lep local application  
25. Blemishes Trifla chooran 5 gram daily; Hairtonz tab 1 tds  
26. Sexual weakness Manmathabhraas 2 tds with milk; madananand modak 4 grm before going to bed  
27. Weakness of Penis musculature Rativallabhakhya tail  local application  
28 Gout Majoon e surnjan 1 tsf; kaishor guggulu 2 pills four times; Geloy satva 500 mg with water  
29. Headache(sinusitis) Shirshooladi vajra ras 2 bd+ shadbindu tail 4 drops into nose; steam inhalation  
30 General tonic Ashwagandhadi leh 5 grams with milk  
  Note: Above treatments are for mild conditions ,if illness is severe do consult your doctor
For old diseases give 10-15 days to medicine to act on body.
Above treatments are time tested at our hospital, these are totally safe if taken accordingly .
Reduce the dose to half in children below 12 years .
treatments not applicable to kids below 2 years.

* not to be used in children
** not for pregnant women
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